TalentRaters Magazine Rate Grandhour highly!

TalentRaters ‘TR Magazine’ have just featured Grandhour as one of their artists of the month. With an in-depth interview, the article covers band beginnings, influences, future and more.

From the article…..

Best Rock Artist Australia

Take a super hot rocker sheila resembling the “bad girl” rocker version of Nicole Kidman except with gorgeous jet black hair and tats and combine her with two extremely skillful brothers one playing drums and the other guitar, and then throw in an extremely talented and famous bass player and what do you get?  GRANDHOUR, from Melbourne, Australia (Australia’s capital for rock music), and they are all original members playing together for 4 years so far.  They also won “Best Rock Artist” at the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards.

Lead Guitarist, Jason Hawkins gives some insight to the band, “We all have some old school rock influences, and Nicole writes with a very folky/pop style, so when you put it together, the result is emotional rock with a commercial pop edge.  Nicole & I have actually been playing together for around 15 years. We got together with Jerome and started work-shopping songs for the first album about 6 years ago, a couple of years before Mark joined the band.”

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