GRANDHOUR – Rock. Reborn.

Almost every time GRANDHOUR is described, the word “authentic” or “real” is used. The band is one of Australia’s hottest emerging sensations, and it’s not difficult to see why. Get ready to breathe some crisp, fresh air.

Winner of ‘Best Rock Artist’ at the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards, GRANDHOUR has its very own distinctive style of rock. The charms of the world’s big classic rock bands of the past, the likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, and even Iron Maiden are all somewhat present in GRANDHOUR’s style, but GRANDHOUR then goes further with pop, folk and funk influences creeping in. Nicole’s emotionally enticing vocals add to the mix making GRANDHOUR’s music extremly listenable to a wide audience of varying musical tastes. 

GRANDHOUR’s impressive debut album ‘Bombs & Bullets’ has been classified as “authentic modern rock” and it is its authenticity that is key. With Nicole’s emotive lyrics and vocals, fat ‘in-your-face’ rock guitars, massive drums, throbbing bass, and soaring solos, GRANDHOUR’s strong melodies and catchy chorus hooks will be stuck in your head for days! ‘Bombs & Bullets’ is an album of many layers and deep mixes that will take a number of listens to fully appreciate – and that’s part of the journey – every song has a message and makes you want to hear it again and again.

To those in the know, the quality of the album is no surprise: the project has been almost 10 years in the making and anticipated widely. After spending over 7 years building their own professional recording studio and starting their own record label, band members Nicole Hawkins & Jason Hawkins spent over 2 years recording and producing the GRANDHOUR album. 

The immensely talented Nicole Hawkins, who some are already touting as the new queen of Aussie rock, fronts the band. Her classic rock and folk influences are immediately apparent as she captivatingly unleashes emotionally powerful lyrics backed by the power of the band. And that power is truly immense. Lead by lead guitarist and musical director, Jason Hawkins, this is one of the tightest units you will hear. Jason is an awe inspiring guitarist who toured with Taxiride, among others. He is also a sound engineer and acoustic designer; and you can hear that kind of attention to audio phonic detail in GRANDHOUR’s music.

Behind this incredible husband and wife pair? An extraordinarily talented, thumping rhythm section. New York born, world-class bass phenomenon, Jerome Smith brings his larger than life personality to the album – and definitely to the stage. He has played with Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Barnes, Jewel, Divinyls, plus countless others, and it’s almost like he and GRANDHOUR’s powerhouse drummer, Mark, are bolted together to generate GRANDHOUR’s pounding backbone. Drummer Mark Hawkins, Jason’s brother, is an unlikely character: he’s an Oxford graduate who has also studied at Harvard, dives in caves, races motorbikes and flies light planes, but after the first time you hear him hit that big brass snare drum, you know his number one passion is drums.

The album was mixed by both LA mix engineer Paul David Hager (Goo Goo Dolls, Hooberstank, Miley Cyrus) and Jason Hawkins before being mastered by industry legend Stephen Marcussen (Foo Fighters, Audio Slave, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, 30 Seconds to Mars) in LA. Hager’s mix style incorporates that slick LA big rock sound while Marcussen’s astonishing attention to detail make this album a true experience for your ears.

The GRANDHOUR ‘Power-Protection-Unity’ logo is a reflection of the band’s ethos with the ‘G’ (inspired by the Eye of Horus) – a symbol of protection, power and health; the upside down triangle representing ‘power to the people’ and the circle entwining the triangle representing unity.

GRANDHOUR is the real deal. A killer album, an awesome and entertaining live show, and genuinely exceptional musicians make it a very compelling proposition. Tagged by some as “the next big Aussie rock act”, GRANDHOUR’s empowering and thought-provoking debut album ‘Bombs & Bullets’ is one you will want to own in your collection! GRANDHOUR is about to take off – get on board and enjoy the ride!


Band Members


Nicole Hawkins

Lead Vocals / Guitars

Nickname/s: ‘Nic’

Interests Outside of Music: Drawing; Painting; Photography; Collecting skateboards for the artwork; Longboarding; Travelling; Hanging out with good friends around the fire pit!

Favourite food: Italian – especially Pizza (has to be gluten free unfortunately!), Japanese and Ice Cream (does ice cream count as a food?!!!)

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Jack & Diet Coke (the diet Lemmy); Wild Turkey Honey mixed with Jack Daniels Honey; Good red wine (with pizza!).

Favourite movies: The Matrix; The 5th Element; Zoolander; The Labyrinth

Favourite bands/Artists: Queen; Led Zeppelin; INXS; Audioslave; Metallica; Jeff Buckley; Carole King; Foo Fighters; Jimi Hendrix

Freaky Fast Fact: I have over 40 leather jackets & over 50 pairs of sunglasses! … I can stop at anytime… lol!


Jason Hawkins

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Nickname/s: ‘Jas’ & ‘Jay’

Interests Outside of Music: Motorcycles; Sound Engineering; Acoustics; Clean Energy; Building

Favourite Food: Japanese; BBQ; Pizza

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Jack & coke; Scotch

Favourite movies: The 5th Element; Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back; Bladerunner; Crazy People; Raiders of the Lost Arc

Favourite bands/Artists: Iron Maiden; AC/DC; Audioslave; Rainbow; Foo Fighters; Queen; Dio

Freaky Fast Fact: I once made a hydrogen electrolyzer out of a plastic honey jar, a sponge, wire, a car battery and a balloon – and it worked!!


Mark Hawkins


Nickname/s: I don’t have one! My business partner sometimes calls me “System 2” which is a psychology thing but I’m not sure that that’s very cool! 🙂

Interests Outside of Music: Cave & wreck diving; motorcycle racing; flying light aircraft; competitive strategy and innovation.

Favourite Food: Naan bread; Pizza

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Hoegaarden Belgian beer.

Favourite movies: Star Wars – A New Hope; Kill Bill; Wall Street;

Favourite bands/Artists: Iron Maiden; Metallica; Foo Fighters; Toto; Van Halen.

Freaky Fast Fact: I once ate 1.5 metres of pizza!


Jerome Smith

Bass / Backing Vocals

Nickname/s: ‘JJ’ & ‘Rome’

Interests Outside of Music: Motorcycles; Motorsports; Fencing (sport!); Football; Cooking

Favourite Food: Japanese

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Wild turkey & Drambuie on ice

Favourite movies: Bladerunner; 5th Element; Clockwork Orange; Dune

Favourite bands/Artists: Miles Davis, Sly and the Family Stone, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, John Maclachlan and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Louis Armstrong, Marilyn Manson, Rolling Stones.

Freaky Fast Fact: I was once thought dead as Wikipedia had combined my profile with another Jerome Smith (also a musician) who died!



Okay, so he's not really a band member! He's just Alter-Ego!

Nickname/s: ‘Alter’

Interests Outside of Music: Rebelling against the system; Skateboarding; Ninja weapons; Quantum Physics; Philosophy

Favourite Food: Anything I don’t have to cook myself

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Everything with alcohol in it!

Favourite movies: The Last Samurai; Rocky; Riddick; Austin Powers

Favourite bands/Artists: Grandhour and everything ROCK!

Freaky Fast Fact: I once defeated a ninja with a skateboard!